Cold Connection & Leather Bracelet with Karen Dingo

December 6, 2018 @ 10:30 am – 2:30 pm

Cold Connections. is the art of combining metals (copper, brass, etc.) found objects, and unique elements into a finished piece of jewelry or art that is both functional and decorative.

Assembly of final piece consists of using rivets, tabs, wire, eyelets, nails, stitching or screws ~ all the methods of connecting sheet metal to found objects without using heat (flame), solder, or glue.

In this class students will design then texture, stamp, embellish and rivet a metal shape onto a leather bracelet.

Class instructor: Karen Dingo
Class fee: Holiday Special $48 (Reg. $65)
Kit fee: Included
Skill level: This is a basic class for students who have little or no experience with metalsmithing who want to learn to put together pieces from found objects. It does not including soldering.

Note: Due to the length of this class, feel free to bring a snack or sack lunch, as we will take a short break during the class.  Please be sure to allot yourself the minimum time posted for the class.

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