*NEW* Sunshine In A Bag (Kit 2)


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A great kit for creative play – large and colorful beads – will keep them busy!  This is a great kit for small hands as all of the holes are all at least 1mm and the stringing material will fit thru all of the beads.  (Hint: cut the string at a slant and add some clear glue or nail polish to approximately 1″ of the string and let dry; it will work like a needle after that making is quite easy to add the beads). Your kit includes all beads, stringing material, and instructions. For ease the only tool you will need for this kit is a pair of scissors, and maybe a dab of clear drying glue. All beads are new or vintage resin or plastic; focal beads are magnesite.

Please note, your are receiving a kit, not assembled jewelry.

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This kit is darker in tone and has more opaque colors; kit 1 is a little lighter palette.




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